Proudly produced in Ghana,
powered by Swiss innovation.

CocoA Juice

100% natural cocoa extract from the heart of the African tropical forests.


Cocoa is more than the main ingredient of chocolate. Its delicious pulp juice makes it an impactful superfruit.


With our mobile extraction concept, we bring all necessary technology to the small scale farms, where solar energy provides the backbone for a mobile extraction.

How to get

We deliver CocoA to various industries and companies, restaurants and passionated patissiers. By buying CocoA juice you are supporting a great vision and have the possibility to come up with a totally new taste in your product line.

Just contact us if you are interested in a sample or would like to place a bigger order.

The Project

The idea of making CocoA juice

Cocoa processing in West Africa focuses solely on cocoa beans, leaving 90% of the entire cocoa fruit as food waste. In Ghana alone, approximately 1.2m tons of cocoa pulp are wasted every year. The income of local small scale farmers depends entirely on the cocoa beans and world market prices leave them with barely enough to live of. Why not process cocoa pulp into a delicious juice? But outdated processing technologies and insufficient energy supply have left that potential untapped.

Enabling local farmers with solar technology

We micro-industrialize cooperatives of cocoa farmers in Ghana with latest available Swiss solar technology and processes. Our mobile system respects small scale farming and traditional processing, so that it fits perfectly into the existing environment. This enables farmers to harvest and market cocoa juice, which increases their income by more than 25% and reduces the ecological footprint of cocoa farming significantly.

Less food waste, a new taste and happy people

Our vision is to fight food waste and carry a new taste of cocoa into the world through innovative processes and technology. This will generate an income increase for local farmers without increasing their farmland at the expense of the environment. At the same time, it will spread a new, unique, exotic and 100% authentic taste of cocoa into the world.
To reflect the new beginnings as well as our commitment to quality, we have given our product the name CocoA.

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